The Social Area on the main menu, like all of your favourite social media sites, is the place where you can update your profile, make friends and chat with them. Friend requests are done via the “Find Mates” tab on the main menu where you’ll see a list of site members and clicking “Send friend request.”.

You can also see the activity related to you, your account and friends, get any site notifications and much more. Please explore the various sections and familiarize yourself with it. Below are some instructions…

Home: A list of your friends (and other member’s friends) and who’s online.

Activity: A list of all activity regarding your own actions on the site and those of your friends. It’s also where you can post your own news which will go into your friend’s activity section. You can also see who your friends have become friends with and more.

Profile: Is where you can add or change your profile picture, details about yourself and your display name (under the heading “Base”) which is how your name is displayed to other members. It is also where you’ll find your “Personal Referral Link” which is what you send to your friends to invite them to join. NOTE: Please don’t forget about or Special Offer where if you invite 5 new members and they upgrade to a Pro membership you’ll get one month free Pro membership for your work and time as a thank you from us.

Notifications: As the name suggests, this is where your notifications will appear, from both your friends and The Writer Site.

Messages: Like the “notifications tab” is where you’ll find all of your messages. You can read them and reply (Chat) by clicking the little chat icon at the bottom of the message box, see screenshot below (Icons are circled)…

Friends: Is where you can see a full list of friends and the place where you’ll find any friend requests that you get.

Groups: This is where, upon request and permission granted, groups will be created and will appear. You will be able to see any groups that you have joined and also any invitations to join groups.

Forums: Simply a shortcut to The Lounge where you can see your replies to topics, posts that you have liked, etc.

Settings: This is where you can update your email address and change your password.