Turned to Stone ©

By Sandra Stoner-Mitchell


The sun blazed down to boil the day, the cold moon froze the night,
the air was stifled by the rays, a daily, searing blight.
The people who were still alive, found moving hard to bear,
they sat around all comatose; ’twas hard to breath this air.

One day, a drifter wandered into town and looked around–
he walked into the nearest bar—the only one in town.
The men looked up, surprised to see this stranger come inside;
he stared at them through tortured eyes, his pain he couldn’t hide.

He had a drink, a whiskey neat, and then said, ‘Same again.’
he drank to take away the sights and to remove the pain.
He turned around and then he said, ‘I have a tale to tell
about a world that we once had but now has gone to hell.

‘I’ve been around the globe to see an Earth once plush and green,
where rivers flowed, and forests grew, some sights I’d never seen.
When stars came out, the moon was bright, as night-time hid the blue,
where life was good, and all had hope, and dreams were coming true.

‘But greed came by to squeeze the world, we took all that we could;
The more we seized, and less we gave, we never understood—
to raze the trees, we take the lungs that clean the air we breathe,
And now they’re gone, there’s nothing left our children to bequeath.

‘We raped our planet ruthlessly, we stripped her to the bone,
we broke the heart of Mother Earth, and now she’s turned to stone.’

© 2019, Sandra Stoner-Mitchell. All rights reserved.

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Sandra Stoner-Mitchell
I started out as a poet, my first love. It was while doing this that I began taking an interest in children's stories, written in rhyme. When I had my first book, Hedgerow Capers, snapped up by a publisher, I was elated. I now have seven children's books published.

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Turned To Stone

2 thoughts on “Turned To Stone

  • August 31, 2019 at 12:53 pm

    I’ve written poems similar to this, yet this poem is based on a tragic traveller who has seen it all. The changing world is subject to our will, yet the businesses had to find the resources to create the houses we live in and that will go on till we use up the natural resources and the land becomes a desert. So it’s why some try to provide replacement trees such as Sky Rainforest Rescue and Ecosia. A similar scheme applies to the land of Israel. As soon as Man sees a quick buck, he’s chasing it. So this applies all across the world as the poem points out. So how come the businesses just keep doing what they do? It’s because of the human population explosion. It’s because businesses compete with each other and must lower their prices to get orders. So they are compelled to cut even more forests down. Their profits lead to them being taxed and that helps the people get all sorts of benefits in their communities. So Governments leave their legacies to the next generation just like the National Debt is forced upon us in this generation. The situation will get worse… bitter not better…

  • August 13, 2019 at 3:45 pm

    Hi Sandra

    Beautiful piece on such a tragically true topic. Again, it is very visual and the story holds the reader attention.

    What we have done to the earth is unforgivable and we will pay the price with the likes of global warming etc. Sad indeed.



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