Trouble Spots

Searching ‘round for troubled spots throughout the Middle East,
let’s jump in! We’ll get involved, we’ll start a war for peace!
The region has been at it for around thousands of years,
most men and boys will shed some blood, most mothers shed some tears.

Let’s drop some bombs and sort ’em out, ten thousand’s no great loss,
let’s smash their towns and cities too! We’ll show ’em who is boss!
Across the world, in our own backyard, there’s a war of a different kind,
a young teen mother and her baby, no comfort can they find.

Both victims, perhaps of circumstance, for this there’s no excuse,
she too is someone’s baby with her child of abuse.
She sits in parks all day and walks the streets at night,
frightened, lonely, wandering, this is a homegrown fight.

Drivers stop and stare then wind their windows up,
while she sees a man approaching who might provide some bucks.
She goes back to his room and lays her baby down,
she gives him what he wants but there’s no money from this clown.

Back out on the street eating rubbish from a bin,
crying through her blackened eyes she’s met many men like him.
Meanwhile, our troops are overseas fighting someone else’s war,
yet we have so many homegrown problems right here at our front door.

© 2019 Poetry Dude



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