The Sun Also Rises

The sun also rises on other dudes I know,
Let their day begin and it’s on with the show

Let mine begin later on, I’ll stay in my warm bed
Let them spread joy; me? Manure in what I’ve said

Bright orb’s rays don’t reach into the gathered gloom
Of the towering iceberg that makes up my room

“Up and at ‘em!” is just the saying that pisses me off
Take a hammer to my alarm lock, groan, and cough;

“Oh crowing cock with your pleas to “rise and shine,”
Go crow to another life and quit f*****g up mine!

© 2020, MikeS. All rights reserved.

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What can I say other than I know, and I'm currently in therapy
The Sun Also Rises
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6 thoughts on “The Sun Also Rises

  • March 12, 2020 at 12:46 pm

    Hi Mike

    So, your in your “nice warm bed” and there’s a “towering iceberg” making up your room. Now, that gives me some interesting visions LOL.

    Another very good post.


  • March 12, 2020 at 5:29 am

    (The sun also rises on other dudes I know,
    Let their day begin and it’s on with the show.)

    Yep. It’s funny how our ocean tides’ prevent the moon from spinning like Earth. The sun never shines on the other side of the moon. I am sure it is 250 degrees below zero or more!

    (Bright orb’s rays)

    I like this unique way of describing the moon.

    (Of the towering iceberg that makes up my room.)

    This leaves room for imagination. The tower could be the donjon of a Romanian castle. The tower could be a lighthouse in Chatham, Massachusetts in winter or any other northern lighthouse.

    A recon a rooster can be annoying at red dawn. Maybe you can have chicken tonight 😋! Lol!

  • February 29, 2020 at 9:56 am

    Hello again, MikeS

    I’m enjoying this ride on your humour poetry. I’m a fisherman by profession and at least I don’t have to worry about them cocks crowing… just that darn orb! If we get any sleep that is.

    Fabulous work and keep it coming.


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