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Uncle Ronny’s massive black nostrils flared in anger as he rose like a mountain, when Dan, my new step-father, walked through the door.

“I see you are still around after what you did, Dan. I told you to leave the Nyamal country or you will suffer tribal punishment. Again, you have disobeyed. You will not survive it,” Uncle Ronny said.

Dan, without speaking, turned and fled to his car then sped away. I stood wondering what had just happened… how such a happy moment could turn bad, so quickly.

“I am sorry Doris, I know he is your husband, but, it must happen, tribal lore must be obeyed,” the chief said.

“Yes, I know,” mum replied. “It is what it is.”

Chapter 4

The explanation

Uncle Ronny looked contemplative as Mum left the house and went to her work at the doctor’s clinic. He had an air of uneasiness about him, apart from his uncomfortable clothing.

“What did Dan do?” I asked.

“Many years ago, before you came, the hunters, and I, along with four warriors, were out hunting. He came out to the camp, drunk, and brought beer with him, and other strong drink. He shared it with the warriors, who got drunk and fought each other. While he was there and the tribes-people were asleep, he took and damaged a young girl, she was fourteen-years-old.”

“What an animal,” I replied.

“No, Walu, animals don’t behave like that.”

“Yes, Uncle, you are right.”

“When we returned from hunting,” he continued, “Dan was still at the camp, asleep. The girl’s mother came to me in grief and explained what he’d done. Because he was a townie and had been away from the tribe for many years, I ordered the warriors to escort him from the Nyamal land. I explained to him that he’d broken a tribal taboo, and to never return, or he would face tribal punishment and be put to death.”

“Why didn’t you just order him to be speared straight away, uncle? Then he couldn’t hurt a kid, or the tribe again.”

“Walu, sometimes we need to give people a chance and pray to our Creator, and ancestors, that the person, or people, will change their ways. If he had been living with us, he would have faced the ultimate punishment, but he was not. Do you understand?”

“No, Uncle, I don’t.”

“In time, you will. Now, don’t worry yourself about that business, my boy, it is not your responsibility.”

I wish somebody had told me earlier that I was in the same house as a drunken child molester. He would have faced my own tribal punishment at once! The germ would have been dead!

“Okay, Uncle.”

We sat for a while on the floor in silence; I think Uncle Ronny prayed as we did.


“Wu,” Michelle said, (which is how she pronounced, my name, Walu.) “Bajalgu, (Eat.)”

“Yes, little one,” I said, rising from the floor.

I took Uncle Ronny by the hand and helped the seventy-year-old chief to his feet.

“Come, Uncle, I will show you around and then get us some food. Are you hungry?”

Yes, he’s hungry… stop asking stupid questions.

“Yes, Walu, some food will be nice. Thank you. Where will you get it?”

“I’ll hunt that fish again, that I almost had before you arrived. It’s a big one, chief. Enough for all of us.” I confidently said.

“Walu, perhaps we should find a hunter to catch it… or I’ll be the one to do it, but I’m slow and almost blind now… I’ve seen you throw a spear, many times… remember? You lack certain skills, and hunting is one of them,” he laughed.

You might be slow and almost blind, but there’s nothing wrong with your memory, old boy. I’ll prove you wrong… just leave it to me, chief.


After showing him around the house, I went to the kitchen and got the scissors to cut the shirt sleeves and pants legs off his clothes to give him some freedom of movement.

Within a few minutes of entering the back yard, I’d chopped his clothes and plucked two fat bardi grubs from a tree. I proudly handed one to each of them.

Uncle, I’ll show you how much my hunting skills have improved… I’m Walu, the Nyamal super-hunter. I’ll bring back one hundred fish… no, wait… one thousand fish! I’ll be able to feed all the tribes of the world, you just wait and see.

“See Uncle, that’s the first course, I’ll be back with the main course very soon.”

“Thank you, Walu, I’ll look forward to the feast,” he said, with a broad grin. “Make me proud.”

I poured a cup of water for each of them from a tap and left Michelle with him as I went to find the big fish that had escaped me earlier.

I threw the chicken pellets into the creek, as instructed by Roger, and sat on a log in the peaceful environment while I waited.

Come on baby, you are mine!

After an hour, I got a little frustrated.

Hoy! Where the hell are you? Damn fish is too stupid to come and eat these chicken pellets so I can spear him. You’re embarrassing me in front of the great chief! The poor bugger’s hungry and I’m his only hope.

Figuring that fish didn’t eat during the day, or perhaps took a midday nap, I looked around for something more accessible to hunt. After traipsing through the bush for an hour I came across a bush turkey’s nest and stole her eggs.

Ah, I know you’re here, somewhere, I’ll be back for you later. Sorry about the eggs, but the chief and Michelle need to eat.

I collected a few more grubs from the bases of trees along the way and presented them to Uncle Ronny upon my return.

“Ah, a small reward, Walu, but small is better than none,” he joked.

I might have to snatch another of Mum’s chickens… I wonder if she’ll notice… she’ll notice. Bad plan, Feral.

“Sorry, Uncle… I’ll catch a fish next time, you’ll see.”

I cooked the small meal, and we shared it. As a tribe, whilst living in the desert, we were accustomed to eating when we found food, so it was not a major problem.


Sally, the leader of the rat-dog pack, along with her subordinates, yapped like crazy as they heard Mum’s car drive up to the house. After entering, and calming the rat-dogs down, she came out to the yard.

“Uncle Ronny, it’s good to see you eating, Walu must have provided well, and all of my chickens are still alive,” she said.

“Yes, he is a great hunter,” he lied.

“Walu, I have news for you,” Mum said.

“Yes, Mum.”

“You are going to school, in the town of Roebourne. You’ll catch the bus each day. You start on Monday, today is Friday, so you have a couple of days to prepare. Your uniform is inside, come and try it on to make sure it fits.”

No! I hate school. I won’t do it. Last time my stupid, white parents sent me there I got expelled! I’ll run away… I’ll go back to the desert and nobody will ever find me again!

“Okay, mum,” I replied.


NYAMAL: The Australian aboriginal tribe who found me in the cave, adopted me and saved my life.

Walu: My tribal name. But, mum mostly called me Feral.

Uncle Ronny: Nyamal tribal chief.

Michelle: Little girl who I had become a surrogate father to after her mother died.

Mum-Doris (Mum): A Nyamal woman who lived in Port Hedland. She adopted me at 17yo after the Nyamal tribe was forced from the land into the town.

Helen-Rose: My Nyamal girlfriend, who was taken to a different location when they forced us off our land.

Dan: Mum’s husband. My new foster father

Rodney: Doris’ eldest son. My foster brother.

Donny: Middle foster brother.

Philip: Youngest foster brother.

Sally: One of mum’s five chihuahuas. I called them rat-dogs because they look like big-eyed rats.


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I am an Australian living in the Philippines with my beautiful wife, Delia, our eleven-year-old daughter and her four older brothers who were surviving in a rubbish dump until we adopted them and gave them a home.

I didn’t begin to learn how to read or write until I was nineteen-years-old after running away from an abusive childhood at fourteen and living with the Nyamal aboriginal tribe in a Western Australian desert for five years. I’m so grateful that I did learn because now I have two published books and never stop writing.
The One They Call Feral: Book 2, Chapter 4-The Explanation
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