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Social Area

The Social Area is the member's area where you’ll find all sorts of great features. If you hover your cursor over the different categories in the dashboard menu you’ll see a list of further categories to click on. Please explore the options and get to know your way around. There are answers to some questions in both the FAQ and Lounge, please read these before sending a contact request.

You can see all of your notifications, messages, your own activity and that of your friends, edit your profile and much more.

How do I send a friend request?

Go to the “Find Mates” tab in the main menu and scroll through the members and you’ll see a “Send friend request” button, click that and your request will be sent.

How do I write something about myself in my profile?

Go to your profile/edit and scroll down a bit then you will see "Base" under that there is a small editor and that is where your Bio goes.

How do I change my profile image?

Go to your profile and click edit profile/change profile photo then scroll down a little and you’ll see the upload/select image button, click that.

But, please explore your member’s area because that is the best way to learn your way around.

How do I change my username?

Changing your username is not possible in the system. However, you can change your display name, which is how it appears to other members. To do so go to, Social Area/profile/edit and then change it where it says ”Base” and you see your current username displayed and then click save changes. 

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