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[Sticky] Evil Eddy, (The Editor) is giving me a hard time, how can I post my writing?  


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25/05/2019 1:24 pm  

Please remember that only upgraded (Pro) members can post.

To post your writing follow these steps.

Click on "Writer's Office" in the menu.

Click on "Create new post."

Enter your title.

Click on "Status" which gives you the option to save as private, draft or published. (don't worry about "pending review" as it's not necessary)

Enter your text body.

At the top of the editing box, there is a button labelled "Add Media," this will add an image to your post for when people read it but won't set the featured image in the Lounge or Writers office when people are searching for what to read, they will just see the title. To add a featured image, do the following...

At the bottom of the editing box, there is the standard button that most writing software has called "Choose File," click that and it will take you to upload an image which will be displayed in both the Library and Writer's office when people are looking for what to read.

Choose a category.

Select one of the buttons at the bottom underneath "Actions" and you are done.

To edit, delete or preview your post after it had been published... go to the Writer's Office and on the left side of your post, under the title, there are little icons, choose the one for the action you wish to perform. Click the link below for a screenshot below.


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