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20/05/2019 9:33 am  

For a limited time, The Writer Site is offering all members a gift for a little of your hard-earned time. For every five new members that sign up for a Pro membership, with you as their referrer, we will give you a one month Pro membership for free. In other words, if we get five new members because you sent them here, you'll get a month for free. If you get us ten new members, you get two free months and s

Below you'll find a link which will direct people to the home page of our site. Copy the link and paste it into the body of an email, Facebook messenger, or where ever you hang out and send it to your friends. Once a person that you refer joins, please send us a contact message with the username of the person to ensure we know the referral is from you and we'll take it from there. In the future, we will have personal referral links in your account to make it easier.

​Please copy the link below;

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