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A Copy of a reasonable review with editing suggestions

​(Below is an excerpt from a review written by Walu Feral on a book chapter by (Pen name) Country Ranch Writer. Copy and paste the section and add quotation marks to it, then put suggestions in brackets. But, feel free to add banter and personal comments in brackets also. Make it your own style as long as it's helpful to the author.)


​G'day mate.

"Man(,) this is too important to lie about."

"horse in the corral next to me. to me!"(Oops! Take out one "to me.")

"you must have heard some thing(something) different,"

"They(The) holidays were coming up and they were looking forward to getting their big bonus this year."

(")My horse filled me in on what Jake knew and what Amegio had confirmed...(")

"This green horn (greenhorn) stable bum knows nothing about horses ar(I'm not sure what "ar" is) that they can communicate!"

"I didn't think anyone would mind if I ate the dam(n) apples!"

"Screw you,(Space)boss man!"

"Jake told everyone with in(within) ear shot. (earshot)"

"Down through the years(,) we never said much to anyone on the"

"when they began talking about how they used to feel (a)bout their own horses."

"if his horse talked to him and he said,"yep,(Space)if you listen real close you"

With a few edits, it'll be good.

Cheers Fez


Now, here is what we consider an unhelpful review.

​Imagine this is a post right here...

​(Reviewer)... Hi there, author

​I loved your story. It was very interesting.



​Now, that sort of reaction is a statement and not a review. It is great for a Social Media post and the like, but not as a review for a serious, potentially published author.


I am not saying that I am the world's best reviewer because I'm not. But as the proverb says, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!" (Or something like that.) We all need good and helpful reviews and in my opinion, writing good ones is the path to receiving them.

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