The children went home after school to get changed,
then met down at Popsicorn Bog, as arranged.
“I’m just so excited,” said Reggie the Rat,
and scampered to where his friend Tommy Mouse sat.
“Tomorrow my Daddy is getting our tree.”
And Millie and Vicky declared, “So are we.”

“I hope you have written your letters to say
what you’d like in your stocking on Christmas Day,”
said Millie the Mole, smiling. “I have sent mine;
I sent it last night…but I think there’s still time.”
Well, Timmy and Tommy Mouse both said they had,
and Cyril the Squirrel gave his to his dad.

But Reggie cried, “I forgot! What shall I do?”
And Vicky the Vole squealed out, “I forgot, too.”
“Don’t worry,” a voice called, not too far away,
“‘Cause Santa is clever. You’ll see Christmas day.”
They all turned around thinking, who could it be?
“Who are you? Come out now — so we can all see.”

“It’s our friend the elf!” cried Reggie the Rat.
As an elf in green clothes, and long-pointed hat
came out of the wood, and then smiling away,
said, “Hello my friends, this is my lucky day!
I came here to find you, and here you all are;
I’m pleased I did not have to look very far.”

They sat down to hear what the elf had to say.
“We need lots of help, or there’s no Christmas day.
You see, many elves have come down with the flu,
and we still have a lot more wrapping to do.
I mentioned the day we all met in the wood,
So, Santa said, please, would you help if you could?”

Well, Cyril the Squirrel and Reggie the Rat
just looked at each other and started to clap.
While Timmy and Tommy and Vicky the Vole,
danced round in a circle with Millie the Mole.
“We’ll come and help wrap up the presents, of course–
It will be so awesome to help Santa Claus!”

“I’d like to go home first; I must ask my mum,”
said Millie the Mole, “for permission to come.”
“We have to ask, also,” declared Tommy Mouse.
“But it’s not very far to get to our house.”
“Oh, yes, you must ask them, and I will come, too.”
The little elf smiled. “It’s the right thing to do.”

When everyone’s mummies and daddies had heard
there might not be Christmas, they said, “How absurd!
To go without Christmas! That’s never been done!
You must go and help him–you’re sure to have fun!”
Then Daddy Mouse turned to the elf and he said,
“Make sure they are not too late going to bed!”

Once back in the wood they all wanted to know,
“How are we getting there … and when do we go?”
“We’re going right now, and we’re going this way.”
He then flicked his fingers and there was the sleigh
with six magic reindeer; they each climbed on board,
and up and away on the sleigh they all soared.

It didn’t take long to get up in the sky
so near to the moon, they went ever so high!
But then, far too soon, they were flying back down
and reindeer were slish-sloshing on snowy ground.
They turned and saw Santa Claus standing right there…
and all they could do was just sit there and stare.

When Santa leaned back with his hands on his hips,
a little smile played on the edge of his lips.
“So you are the little ones who found their way
to the place in the woods where all my elves play.”
Well, Timmy and Tommy Mouse squirmed in their seat,
while Reggie the Rat just looked down at his feet.

Then Santa Claus bellowed his loud, ho, ho, ho,
and carried on laughing–just letting them know
he was ever so pleased the friends had all come
to help with the work the sick elves should have done.
“Come on, let’s go in,” he said, “then you can meet
the rest of the elves who are still on their feet.”

The friends looked around but they still didn’t know
where Santa’s home was – there was nothing but snow!
Then Santa, still smiling, said, “Come–follow me,”
and opened a door that nobody could see!
They all went inside and, oh, WOW! What a sight–
with thousands of presents there, all packed in tight.

“Well now, my dear friends,” Santa’s hearty voice boomed
as they stood wide-eyed in the toy-wrapping room.
“There isn’t much time, and there’s much to be done–
if we pull together this race will be won.”
“There are thousands of toys! Where do we begin?”
gasped Reggie the Rat, as it quite baffled him.

Just then Mummy Claus bustled into the room,
and called out to Santa, “It’s supper time soon.
It’s too late to start any wrapping tonight;
we’ll go to bed early and start at first light.”
And Santa agreed with what Mummy Claus said,
then rubbing his tum, declared, “Time to be fed.”

When, early next morning, the six sleepy heads,
all yawning and stretching had crawled from their beds,
they searched for their clothes, but then saw they were gone,
instead, they found outfits in green to put on.
“Now, what do I look like?” asked Vicky the Vole.
“We all look like elves!” giggled Millie the Mole.

They all met for breakfast, and then they were done,
So, Santa Claus stood and said, “Who wants some fun?”
“I do!” said Cyril, and the others did, too.
“Then let’s go and find something magic to do.”
They marched down the hallway up to the main door,
and into the toy room, they’d all come here for.

There were toys on tables and toys on the shelves,
And more piled up high just in front of some elves.
With thousands of toys, more than they could believe,
to be wrapped up ready before Christmas Eve!
“Where do we begin?” Tommy asked with surprise.
“There’s so many toys here in front of my eyes!”

Then Santa Claus smiled and said, “Come over here…
can you feel your arms tingle as you move near?”
When Tommy Mouse stopped, and then tried to step back,
He froze as he found himself holding a sack!
“Hey! Where did this come from? What’s wrong with my arm?”
Then saw his friends also were filled with alarm!

“Don’t worry,” smiled Santa, “it’s magic you know,
just lift up your arms and watch everything flow.”
They did as he told them, and suddenly…Wow
they were wrapping presents and didn’t know how!
Then Santa was laughing loud. “Isn’t it fun?
At this speed, you’re going to soon have it done.”

The friends thought it magic, the best they had seen.
An elf said it came from their outfits of green.
“These clothes that we’re wearing have got magic sleeves,
but they only can work on those who believe.”
The youngsters looked up and asked. “Believe in what?”
“Believe in Santa … there are some who do not!”

“It’s a terrible thing,” another elf said,
“That so many children will go up to bed
and think there’s no Santa Claus coming tonight.”
Then Millie the Mole gasped, “But that isn’t right!”
“It’s not.” The elf sighed, “Can you see how we feel?
But how can we prove to them Santa is real?”

Then Santa came over and with a sad smile,
said, “This has been happening for quite a while.
You’ll see lots of people dressed up to be me,
and it doesn’t take long for children to see
there can’t be a Santa Claus in every store.
Then on every street, you will see even more!”

“But you must do something!” declared Timmy Mouse.
“Why don’t you just wake them when you’re in their house?”
“Because they won’t see me,” was Santa’s reply,
“as you have to believe to see with your eyes.”
“Well, I will believe forever and ever,”
Said Reggie the Rat. “Because I’m so clever!”

Everyone laughed, and then Santa Claus clapped,
“It’s time to begin; there are lots to get wrapped.”
The wrapping was easy; they sped through the pile,
as presents kept coming for mile after mile.
But with magical sleeves, they’d soon get it done
and never had wrapping before been such fun!

When they were finished they all looked around-
not one single present was there on the ground.
Where had they all gone? So they looked round the back,
and there was Santa Claus filling his sack.
With thousands of presents, some big and some small,
Tommy Mouse asked him, “Is there room for them all?”

“This is my magic sack … just come over here,
and if you look closer gold stars will appear.
Each one is a present, that’s how they fit in.”
The friends were amazed, and they started to grin.
“Have we got a present? Will they be a star?”
Then Timmy said shyly, “I’d like a toy car.”

Everyone giggled, and then Santa Claus said,
“It’s time to go home and get ready for bed.”
Then they all said goodbye to all their new friends,
and hoped they would see them once Christmas time ends.
Then, in Santa’s sleigh, they flew up in the sky,
and waved to the moon as they went flying by.

Soon, they were all home and with so much to tell,
about the nice elves, and their costumes, as well.
About all the presents, and Santa’s big sack;
how toys became stars when they looked round the back.
As Mummy and Daddy Mouse laughed at their boys,
they realised just how much they’d missed the noise!


“Now, come on … wake up you two!” Daddy Mouse said,
“There’s a sack full of toys at the end of your bed!”
The two boys jumped up, shouting, “It’s Christmas Day!”
And into their sacks, they both dived straight away.
Each of the presents had its own special star,
then Timmy Mouse shrieked, “I have got my toy car!”

© 2019, Sandra Stoner-Mitchell. All rights reserved.

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Sandra Stoner-Mitchell
I started out as a poet, my first love. It was while doing this that I began taking an interest in children's stories, written in rhyme. When I had my first book, Hedgerow Capers, snapped up by a publisher, I was elated. I now have seven children's books published.

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