When Timmy and Tommy were eating their tea,
They heard a loud voice shout, ‘Come all, and see
The circus is here, it’s for everyone,
So come on, come on, and join in the fun.
We have clowns and magicians; they all want to please,
Including Miss Toad on the flying trapeze!’

Timmy and Tommy Mouse ran out the door
And stared in amazement at what they both saw,
There were colourful carts, flying colourful kites
Being pulled by mice on their colourful bikes,
There was so much to see, they both wanted to go
To the circus to see this magical show.

They both turned around and ran into their house,
Now really excited, they called Mummy Mouse,
‘Can we go to the circus; can we go, Mummy, please?’
And Mummy said, ‘Yes…if Daddy agrees.’
Their Daddy looked up, and crinkled his eyes,
Saying, ‘Umm, well, OK…When you’ve eaten your pie.’

They finished their pie and finished their drink,
Then went over to put their plates in the sink.
They met up with their friends, and all of them knew,
And they’d all asked their parents if they could go too.
Each one had said, yes, so now they could go
To the circus to see this magical show.

The big tent was bursting, so many were there
With all the seats taken not one left to spare.
Then the crowd started cheering as into the ring
Came Oggy the Octopus, who played everything!
He blew on his trumpet, he banged on the drum
He played the guitar and made it look fun.

Then it began, such wonders they saw
With clowns being funny as they fell on the floor.
There were jugglers, who threw balls up in the air,
While balancing on a one-legged chair.
White Rabbits ran round with Mice on their backs
To the thrill of the crowd, who cheered them and clapped.

Then the drums rolled, ‘Gosh, what’s coming next?’
Said Tommy to Timmy who was stretching his neck.
‘Up there!’ pointed Timmy, ‘look, there, can you see?
There’s Miss Tilda the Toad, she’s as high as can be.’
Millie the Mole had closed both her eyes,
She wasn’t quite sure she would like this surprise!

As the drums rolled, and the lights flashed around
Miss Tilda the Toad seemed to fly to the ground!
Then she was gone, like a bird on the breeze
As she swung back and forth on her flying trapeze
She was swinging so high, the crowd below gasped
As she spun and she twirled each time that she passed.

Millie the Mole had opened her eyes.
And looked at Miss Tilda with total surprise
It looked so exciting; such wonderful fun
And deep in her thoughts, a plan had begun.
But that could all wait; she looked at her friend,
Till this magical show had come to an end.

At the end of the show, the crowd stood and cheered.
They clapped and they shouted as each one appeared,
To bow to the crowd, and wave them goodbye,
It had all been amazing; they would see them next time.
Timmy and Tommy and all of their friends,
All wished the show hadn’t come to an end.


© 2019, Sandra Stoner-Mitchell. All rights reserved.

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Sandra Stoner-Mitchell
I started out as a poet, my first love. It was while doing this that I began taking an interest in children's stories, written in rhyme. When I had my first book, Hedgerow Capers, snapped up by a publisher, I was elated. I now have seven children's books published.

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The Circus Comes to Hedgerow Village

7 thoughts on “The Circus Comes to Hedgerow Village

  • November 2, 2019 at 2:48 pm

    Hi Sandra

    I reckon I must be the world’s oldest kids because I love kids poetry and a good circus… oh, and cartoons, chocolate, ice-cream and all the other things they like lol.

    This was one fabulous poem, with very nice imagery and was also as entertaining as any that I’ve ever read.

    I’ll try to come on here more often and hopefully you would have posted more like this.

    Top stuff


    • November 11, 2019 at 5:21 am

      Hi PD, sorry I’ve been slow in replying, I only came back from holiday today.Thank you so very much for your high praise! You really are so encouraging, and I really am grateful. I’ll be posting more this week. I’m going to check you out now, to see if you’ve posted since I’ve been away. Thanks again!! xx

      • March 12, 2020 at 8:02 am

        Hi, here is a list of some favorite lines.

        Including Miss Toad on the flying trapeze!
        There were colourful carts, flying colourful kites
        Being pulled by mice on their colourful bikes,

        Saying, ‘Umm, well, OK…When you’ve eaten your pie.’ (Nice dialogue here!) Trick is, to write like people speak.

        Is this children story part of a collection of a children book?

        Grammar looks pretty good as always. Did bring a smile to my face. Is witty and humorous. It ryhmes in tempo.

        Children need to read more and get out in nature. They play too many video games on Nintendo and online games. Nothing beats holding a paper back book and your hands. Rather have a book than read a E book online or audible book. Bravo! Come on back and share more more stories or poems! We are grateful you took the time to post here! Six stars!

        • March 14, 2020 at 2:12 am

          Hi Boo, I’m with you on the children playing video games all the time. There is a different world outside their backdoors. Thanks for all your lovely comments, my friend. I’ve been away a lot lately looking after my hubby and daughter-in-law, both with cancer but different types. I’ll be able to come on here more now. Sending you a hug, my friend. xxx

          • March 14, 2020 at 7:59 am

            Cancer is contagious! My twin sister had breast cancer. She went through chemo and breast implants.

            Oh, the list is so long of who had cancer in my family..

            Yep. Kids need to get some exercise and adventure outdoors. I know taking care of cancer victims is hard. My dad was on Hospice. Welcome back! No pressure here, post at your own liberty.

            Have a splendid day!

            BOO Ghost.

  • October 18, 2019 at 1:39 am

    Aw, thanks, Willy. It’s still very much our tea time here in the UK. I had problems with some Americans when I said they are eating their tea. They just couldn’t get their heads around it.
    I really appreciate you reading my long story-poems, and i’m delighted you enjoyed it. xxx Sandra xx

  • October 17, 2019 at 10:04 am

    Hello, Sandra

    Wow, I love your work! You are such a great storyteller in these well writer pieces with no corrections that I could offer you to make.

    The word “tea” brings back memories because that’s what it used to be called in Australia when I was a kid… now they just call it dinner which is boring lol.

    Fab tale, Sandra


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