No, I wasn’t drunk, I did not touch a drop

when I met him on that day outside that old fuel stop,

I wasn’t high on drugs, nor sleeping pills or crack

and I also did not have an insanity attack.


He stood at three-feet-tall, had just one eye to see

three arms, five short legs and he spoke at length to me,

he flew to Earth from Mars and was shocked by what he found

the condition of this planet was far from safe and sound.


He asked me, “What us humans thought, or do we think at all?

When the safety of our Mother Earth should be in the hands of all,

global warming makes her hot and her frozen ice caps melt

flooding all the coastal towns, the destruction will be felt.


We throw garbage in her face, it’s not just an ugly scene

methane gas tears up the ozone, to her that is so mean,

she’s crying acid tears, we simply call it rain

she weeps from what we have done, she sits and sobs in pain.


Wood smoke from cut down trees penetrates her lungs.

‘We should fix this,’ humans say, as they sit and wag their tongues.”

He asked me, “why we’d want to kill a kind entity like her

when she’s fed us all we want and made our lives occur.


Animal extinctions, way too many species dead!

‘Are humans even civilised?” The thought came to his head.

“You sit upon your hands, someone else will do the job

on Mars we help each other, you humans make us sob.”


I asked how I can help to curb destructiveness

to make our Mother Earth survive this ugly man-made mess,

he told me that, “We all must help, one part makes not a whole

together we are complete, each person must enrol.”


I scratched my head and said goodbye, then I asked his name

he simply called out “Sanity and my job is curbing shame!”

My new friend then flew off in his spaceship back to Mars

I watched him disappear, zipping through the stars.


Every person must pitch in, each must do their bit

or face a fiery end on earth in a hopeless empty pit,

I love to see our Mother Earth with a smile on her face

so let us make her broad grin shine, her trust we can replace.


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