In an apartment building
of older people
who sit most of the day,
or play bingo,
or watch T.V.,
or just visit …

it is amazing when something
out of the ordinary
happens to take our
lives …

out of its realm
and give us entertainment
and excitement
to forget troubles,
alter thoughts,
create chaos.

Today it happened,
the manager’s grandchild,
was rolling on the lawn,
moving all over
as we watched.

He yelled to us
‘what do you do in a fire?’
To which we looked at each other
in amazement,
in wonder,
in confusion.

He kept on rolling
as he laughed, daring us,
‘You stop, drop and roll!’
Us old people
got out of our chairs,
joined him on the ground,
and rolled!

© 2019, Barb Henson. All rights reserved.

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