Step parents
have the hardest job in the world.

Step parents
are either loved with a passion
that grants them total access into
mysterious, unobtainable depths
of the unmovable family circle …

or ..

the are hated just as much
and kept at arms length,
to be used if needed
for attention or sympathy,
then their love shoved back
in their faces when
the crisis is over.

Step parents
are looked on as either
gods that know it all
and elevated to ‘possible’ status
or fools that know nothing
and shunned as something
found under a rock in the basement.

If the children of the household
are not going to accept the love offered,
they will do everything in their power
to be sure the step does not stay …
from lying and deceit to befriending and using.

Living for the time when
they can run to the parent crying …
‘told you so’
‘he/she hates me’
‘you should hear how she/he talks to me when you are not here’
‘she killed my goldfish out of hate’
‘she made love to the mailman … in your bed’

if love is offered and returned full fold,
pinch me I’m dreaming,
stand up and shout,
hallelujah born,
firework displayed,
totally unrefundable,
and welcomed with open arms

step parents
have the easiest job in the world.

© 2019, Barb Henson. All rights reserved.

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Barb Henson
I love to read and swim, even more I love to write poetry. I love challenges and I write to let people know they are not alone in this world they travel in. God is a big part of my life and has been since the day He stopped me from trying to end it.