When I see you lying next to me
in the shadows of early morn,
with moonlight shining on your skin
before the darkness turns to dawn.

I lie and watch you sleeping
and listen to your sighs,
while a breeze is gently blowing
to the haunting night bird’s cries.

The starlight twinkles on the leaves
as they dance upon the boughs,
to the tune of nature’s music
and the peace that it allows.

I can hear the crystal stream
as it trickles to the sea,
spreading life along its course
its life source is the key.

Before too long, there’s a golden glow
as the sun begins to rise,
the time has come for you to wake
and open your beautiful eyes.

The birds will sing, the sun will shine
as it warms the earth below
I’ll hold your hand and kiss your lips
and my love for you will flow.

© 2019, PoetryDude. All rights reserved.

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I love to read and write when time allows in this busy world.