I’m standing in the sand where Jesus stood and taught
This is not his message or the world he sought
Lord, I need your blessing to get back home again
But I can’t help feeling what I’m doing is a sin

It’s three a.m. here, yesterday back home
Is she still waiting or has her life moved on
Am I fighting for freedom or the freedom to fight
How many wrongs will make what we do right

The nights are so cold, the days so hot
I’m living in a land that time forgot
The enemy looks just like my friend
This isn’t how I want my life to end

We grab our gear to make rounds once more
Chaplain sends us out with a prayer
Humvees with bullet holes through their doors
Smell of new paint and death in the air

Is that a Bedouin beggar here
Or is it young boy with a bomb
I hate seeing the eyes that show people’s fear
I close my eyes and dream of home

What’s on my face may look like tears
But you know that’s just a lie
Soldiers don’t show pain or even fears
It’s just the sand that’s in my eyes

© 2020, Ward&Mary Hays. All rights reserved.

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