You feel at ends, alone and lost,
you feel there’s no place left to turn.
Your best made plans are all but tossed
and all those bridges built are burned.

You feel all have abandoned you
and everything you had is gone.
There’s no one there to see you through
the long night’s entrance into dawn.

You just don’t care to live or die
and most times want to sit and stare,
I’m here to say you have to try
and don’t you think that no one cares.

For you and I have never met
and probably we won’t this day,
but, if you hold on, I will bet
you’ll want to hear what I must say.

I too have been where you now trod,
I held the gun to end my life,
but then I found my knees and God
who now helps me to bare my strife.

I, too, have said the same as you –
“Don’t talk to me about a God
who’d do to me just what He’d do.
I don’t believe … He’s just a fraud!”

You’re not alone for I, too, thought
this very thing not long ago.
When all seemed lost, His face I sought,
because I had nowhere to go.

My mind returned, my caring, too,
I found that I could smile again.
I learned new ways to see me through
and won’t go back to where I’d been.

You feel alone? You’ll never be,
though you and I may never meet,
I’ve been there, too, now come with me,
we’ll sit together at His feet.

© 2019, Barb Henson. All rights reserved.