Hi Folks

We have implemented a new star rating system for when you get or give reviews. Unfortunately, the existing ratings will not be available for now until we can afford a genius to do the coding to make it happen. However, all the reviews will be there as usual, just the star average will be missing.

On each review you give or get you will now be able to see how many stars were given for each reviewer, unlike the old system where only the total number and average were available.

Here’s a picture of how it will look. Sorry about the quality, my screenshot ability lacks a bit.







You will see the total number of reviews and the average ratings under the post and the rating from each reviewer under their review.

Also, with this system reviewers must leave a rating before they can post a review… which we think is more beneficial to the author because, let’s say, you get a one-star review and no suggestions for improvements are given then you will know which reviewer left the one-star review and can contact them and ask for clarification.

We sincerely hope this helps and please let us know, as always, if you like it or have any problems with it.

Cheers Fez and The Writer Site team

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