‘Maestro, If You Please!’

No denying the muddled way he lives

remarkably peculiar in his idiosyncrasies

but then he walks in front of the crowd to bow

smiles at the orchestra while lifting his baton midair

then a hush defuses the crowd when majesty fills the air

Maestro, If You Please

Trumpets, trombones, the flute, and oboes too

blend in perfect harmony with the cellos

violins, harp, bassoons, and percussion

compliment the horns and piccolo

as do the saxophone and lute

just to name a few before

the crowd stands to

applaud in praise


if you please

accept our hail of

gratitude to you and

the mesmerizing orchestra

its expression of indescribable

enchantment for a moment in time



©LOC (2019)

Jacqueline M Franklin




© 2019, Jacksy. All rights reserved.

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