Just For Me

I wandered off all on my own
to see what I could see,
I thought the world would offer more
than I alone could be.

Adventures started out so fun
but consequences came.
I walked a path I didn’t like
and life was n’er the same.

But where to go, I did not know,
afraid – I could not run.
Each move I made turned light to dark,
my hope lost … I had none.

But like the shepherd and his sheep,
God left His ninety-nine
and walked away to find the one
had gotten out of line.

He reached His hand to drowning me
and pulled me in His arms,
He brought me back into the fold
away from Satan’s harm.

© 2019, Barb Henson. All rights reserved.

Author Profile

Barb Henson
I love to read and swim, even more I love to write poetry. I love challenges and I write to let people know they are not alone in this world they travel in. God is a big part of my life and has been since the day He stopped me from trying to end it.