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This story is many shorter stories linked together, so continuity?

Chapter Three:

After they got home from church on a lazy Sunday not long after doing battle with Firehose, Jimmy went fishing with his dad. He sat in the front of his dad’s boat, and stared at the line from his fishing pole disappearing into the depths of the lake. His dad said it was Silver lake, but Jimmy was so bored, he’d renamed it Loser Lake in his mind. They’d been fishing since dawn, and hadn’t so much as had a nibble. He figured that these fish were intelligent enough not to go for their bait. He was tired, and looked for an escape in his fantasies.

He was bored, looking out over the mirror-like surface of Loser Lake, when he felt a tug on his line. He’d gotten a bite, and not just any old bite, this one was so big, it was all he could do to hold onto the fishing pole. “I got one, Dad!”

“Wow, so you do! Pull the tip of the pole up to set the hook better, and try reeling it in, slowly.”

He gave a tug upwards, and the fish gave a mighty wrench on the line, and dang near pulled the fishing pole from his hands. He gave a cry of surprise, but somehow managed to hang on. He began trying to reel it in, and the darn thing pulled back fiercely.

He had been fighting the fish for what seemed like hours, and noticed it was getting dark. The titanic struggle had begun in the morning. Every muscle on him was screaming in agony, but there was NO way he as going to give up, he’d NEVER give up! He could sense the fish was tiring. It was ever-so-slowly getting closer to the boat. His dad kept falling asleep, it had taken so long (older fellows like his dad couldn’t stay awake for as long as he could, so he gave him a break! He must be what, 30, 35?), but now the fish was getting close enough to the boat, his dad needed to get the net ready.

“Dad, oh Dad, wake up!” he shouted. His dad started, and looked around in confusion.

“Ww-hh-aatt is it?”

He calmly said, “Dad, I didn’t mean to wake you, but you’ll need to get the net ready.”

“Oh, yeah, what time is it?”

“Almost dark, but I didn’t want to wake you; I know you old guys need your sleep.”

“Hey, now, I’m not that old!”

“Yeah, whatever there, Dad,” he mentally rolled his eyes. He may not know a lot, but he knew his dad was ancient, “can you get the net ready?”

His dad didn’t say anything, but grabbed the net from the floor and stood ready. He reeled as fast as possible, and stared over the side into the water. At first he didn’t see anything, but it must be visible soon. It felt like there was a wet log on the other end, as he kept slowly reeling in. At last, the biggest fish he’d ever seen came into view.

“Holy cow!” exclaimed his dad. Jimmy couldn’t believe it, either, as he kept reeling. At last, it was close enough for his dad to use the net. He reached down with the net, and tried scooping the fish into it. “It’s too big for the net!” he exclaimed.

“Well, we grabbed the biggest net we could find, Dad!” he replied. “Hurry, my arms are getting tired!”

His father dipped the net in the water again, and tried once more to net it. “There, I think I got it!”, but as he was struggling to lift it, the handle broke, the line was somehow cut, and the monster-fish splashed into the water and swam away into the depths, as he and his father watched it go.

“Oh no!” he shouted, and his father said,

“Well, son, I’m sorry I couldn’t net it, or lift it, and I know how disappointed you must be, but at least when you tell your friends, ‘I once caught a fish THIS big,’ it’ll be true!”


Later that day, Jimmy was on board a train, heading for his grandparents house. He was once again thinking of the monster fish that had got away. At first, the excitement of being on board a train kept his attention, but soon he was dwelling again. Would this trip NEVER end?

“Woo, woo,” sounded the train whistle. Jimmy was completely bored. He was reduced to staring out the window that was next to his seat. He watched the landscape passing by, and suddenly found himself transported to a place deep within his own mind, where he became ‘Conductor’ Jimmy:

‘Conductor Jimmy was way ahead of schedule, with his railroad engine hauling dynamite. At this rate, he’d be home in time for hot dogs. His mom was making hot dogs for lunch, and the sooner he could deliver this load, the sooner he could get home.

The trip had been uneventful; he was almost to the train station, where Sims Construction Company was to pick up the dynamite. Then, it was home for lunch. He was thinking about all the yummy hot dogs he was going to eat, when he notice smoke trailing behind his train. Smoke meant fire, and fire meant trouble, what with the dynamite he was hauling. His assistant looked out the window at the mirror showing the rest of the train, and screamed,

“Fire; stop the train; we’ve got to get away before she blows!”

Jimmy glanced ahead, and saw an elementary school right next to the tracks. He knew that if the train blew up here, the school would also.

“Assistant engineer, jump!,” he cried, and with those words, the assistant yelled,

“You don’t need to tell me twice!” and leaped from the moving train, leaving Conductor Jimmy alone on the blazing train. Jimmy was scared, sure, but he HAD to move the train away from the elementary school. In desperation, his eyes scanned the tracks ahead, and he spotted a siding.’

The fact that the siding just happened to be there, and what it was there for, didn’t concern Jimmy; after all, it was HIS daydream.

‘He waited until the train was almost to the siding, and pressed the electronic switching deal located conveniently near his hand, and the train veered sharply to the left, and away from the school.’

Now, how was he going to get off the train? Then, he had an idea:

‘Suddenly, the train was going across a trestle, which spanned an immense lake. Jimmy slammed on the brakes, and the train started to slow, but not nearly fast enough. Jimmy knew he had to get out, fast. He climbed out the door of the engine, and as he did, he saw the whole train behind him was a wall of flame. He didn’t think, he just jumped, falling and falling, until the water rose up to meet him. As he plunged into the water, there came a massive explosion, then the water enveloped him.

“Conductor Jimmy, you saved our school, and we’re very grateful. If it wasn’t for your heroic bravery, we wouldn’t be here. Please accept this pizza as a token of our appreciation.” Jimmy smiled, and took the double-pepperoni pizza.’

He knew it was a weird gift, but he was hungry!

“Jimmy, wake up, we’re almost there,” his mom gently nudged him. He didn’t bother to tell her he hadn’t been asleep, he’d just had his eyes closed, but where had the time gone?


Jimmy was once again bored. He thought about calling Davy, but even that sounded boring. Here it was, so close to summer vacation, but there was nothing to do. He sat in the house, watching shimmering waves of heat run across the ground in the distance, from his seat next to the front window. His mother walked up behind him and asked,

“Why are you just sitting there?”

“There’s nothing to do; absolutely nothing,” he replied in a sad voice.

“Oh come on! When I was a kid, we used our imaginations to make something to do.”

“Yeah, but that was ages ago; things are different now.”

“Oh, well, I’m so ancient, I guess I couldn’t possibly understand.”

“Thanks okay Mom, it’s not your fault; I think I’ll go for a walk.”

His mom gave him a dirty look, but Jimmy didn’t see; he was already headed for the door.

He aimlessly wandered around, positive there was nothing to do. He was kicking a pine cone along in front of him. Why, oh why wasn’t there something to do?

He was walking dejectedly along the path around Baker Lake. He looked out over the blue water, and suddenly he wasn’t plain old Jimmy, he was Jimmy Tilford, Submarine Captain.

‘“Dive, Dive,” he screamed, and the U. S.S Plunger did exactly that. Enemy ships were everywhere, but that was on the surface. They were safely below the waves. Captain Jimmy had his orders; find the priceless treasure that had been hastily thrown overboard by a Niberston ship captured by the Lewvarions, on their way back to home port, on a mission to bring the stolen Gadston Treasure back to Niberston.
The hated Lewvarions couldn’t be allowed to gain possession, for they would use it to buy weapons for use against Niberston. Captain Jimmy had been charged with getting the treasure back, and The Plunger had succeeded in locating the treasure, and now were headed for friendly water, pursued it seemed, by all of Lewvaria.

The silence in the submarine was deafening! For the last hour, they had been under depth charge attack, as the Lewvarian surface ships did their best to sink them. Men’s nerves were stretched to the breaking point. With every ‘ping, ping!’, and a hundred feet of freezing sea water trying to find a way in to their tiny craft, the silent men cringed and prayed that their hull would hold. So far, at least, their prayers had been answered.

Captain Jimmy had come to a fateful decision; they couldn’t withstand much more of the bombardment, so they would make a desperate run to get back to the safety of their own waters.

The engines whined as they restarted them, and started back toward home waters; the sound was terribly loud.

“Sir, radar is picking up multiple ships on the surface, heading to block our escape,” announced a sailor.

Sure enough, tiny blips were everywhere on the screen as Captain Jimmy watched, helpless. They were close to home-free, but the blips were overtaking them, and would soon force them to the bottom, and to silence. Then, they would be sitting ducks, and it was only a matter of time before one of the depth charges found it’s target.

“Sir, there are multiple blips headed our way, from home waters.” Maybe they were saved!

“Sir, we’ve crossed into Niberston waters, and the enemy ships are breaking off the attack, and are heading back towards Lewvarian waters.”

“Say, that is good news,” announced Captain Jimmy.

Thanks to good fortunes, and daring on the part of Captain Jimmy, the Gadston Treasure was once again in Niberston hands.

Jimmy realized he was famished-; pretending you were a submarine captain really took it out of a guy.

“Mom, when’s dinner, I’m starved.”

His mom looked up from the recliner, where she’d been watching T. V., and replied, “Sure honey, dinner’s almost ready. Are you still bored?”

“Naw, I rescued the Gadston Treasure for Nimberston.”

“That’s nice, dear. Wash up before we eat.”

“What are we having?”

“Pork chops.”

Oh boy, pork chops; the dinner of submarine captains and champions!


At last, summer was here; Jimmy had about given up on ever making it, but finally it was here. Now, there were so many things to do. Across the street, at the Wobbly Knob Park, some of the older kids were playing baseball. He played make-believe games with Davy, but it wasn’t quite the same. Jimmy wished he was a little older, so he could play; it just wasn’t fair. As he watched the kids playing ball, he suddenly found a baseball game he could play in:

The sun beat down on the overflow crowd. Normally, Wobbly Knob High drew maybe 40 or 50 fans, but everyone wanted to watch Fireball Jimmy Tilford pitch, before he moved on to the pros. He’s struck out all 26 batters he’d faced, and had only one batter to strike out and he’d have a perfect game. Not just a perfect game, but he’d be the only pitcher in the history of baseball, as far as he knew, to record all 27 outs via strike out. Only one batter stood in his way, and it figured, that one batter was Bobby Purcell. He absolutely couldn’t STAND Bobby Purcell! He was always pushing him around, and calling him a terrible player, and was always bragging how good he was.

Bobby stepped into the batter’s box, and stared out at him. “Bring it, pansy,” he yelled out to Jimmy, who felt a red-faced flood of anger.

Everything he despised was grinning back at him on the mound. He knew he had to stay focused, but failed to keep his anger in check. Never mind that he’d already struck Bobby out twice, it would all be meaningless, unless he struck him out a third. He reared back and let a fastball go.

“Strike one,” yelled the home plate umpire.

“What?” snapped Bobby. “That pitch was way outside,” he exclaimed, even though it was right down the middle. Typical Bobby.

He reared back and threw another fastball, again Bobby just watched it as it flew by.

“Strike two,” the umpire shouted again.

“Are you blind? That pitch must have been a foot outside,” whined Bobby. The umpire bristled, and looked to be on the verge of tossing him out of the game. Oh no; one more strike.

The umpire must have heard Jimmy’s silent plea, because he threw the ball back to him, saying, “Two strikes”

Jimmy threw the next fastball as hard as he could, and Bobby swung and lined a frozen rope down the right field line. On no. The crowd was too stunned to react much, as someone had actually made contact with one of Jimmy’s pitches. Jimmy watched it fly, with a sense of dread, but the ball landed inches foul. Whoa, that had been too close.

He then gripped the ball for a pitch he’d been messing around with, a knuckle ball. He shouldn’t even be throwing it, but he was mad, and wanted to make Bobby look not just bad, but embarrassingly-awful. He reared his arm back, and let the pitch fly. Bobby swung at it, missed, and was so off balance, he fell in a cloud of dust. The crowd burst out laughing, and it hit Jimmy; he had done it; struck out ever batter, and pitched a perfect game! That the final out had been Bobby Purcell, and he’d been made to look foolish, was icing on the cake. Bobby sat upon the ground, looking out at him, swearing, and shaking his head.

After the game, Jimmy was walking across the almost-deserted parking lot, when he heard a shout behind him.

“Jimmy, hold up, my name is Dorsey Johnson, and I’m a scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers. I was very impressed by what I saw from you out there, and would like to offer you a 15 million dollars-a-year, five year contract.”

He was grinning like a fool when reality returned. Now what was there to do?


He was enjoying the heat of the summer sun. It felt so good to be warm. Summer vacation! Jimmy loved the snow of the winter months, but enough was enough.

Jimmy thought back to one day at Wobbly Knob Elementary. That day, they’d been studying mythology, and boy, did the ancients believe some far-out-there things. Such as believing there were gods for everything. God of Fire, God of Thunder, God of the Sun, etc. That day, Jimmy could have believed there was a God of Boredom; man, that had been a snoozer! But he thought it would be cool if myths were reality:

Jimmy, God of the Sun and Other Stuff, was feuding with the God of Night. Back and forth, back and forth; he’d make it light, and then the God of Night would retaliate, and it would become dark again. Then the whole cycle would begin again. It seemed to Jimmy that this feud had been going on forever. He was tired of it, and one day decided he wouldn’t play this game anymore, so he failed to crank up the sun one morning.

The world had been plunged into eternal darkness, which the freezing people started calling The Dark Ages; along with darkness, came ice, otherwise known as The Ice Age. In reality, they were both the same thing, both the result of Jimmy, God of the Sun, and Other Things (just what these other things were, was a little unclear.) failing to raise the Sun, but the names stuck.

One day, some people approached Jimmy (who was shocked as normally he was invisible), and a man stepped forward.

“Jim, my name is Apollo Fire, and I’ve been appointed on behalf of everyone to beg you to bring the Sun back; we’re freezing our tushies off.”

Jimmy, who’d by now recovered from the surprise of being visible, thought about it. It was kind of childish for him to have taken his heat and going home; letting The God of Night win without a fight. Granted, The God of Night was a real jerk, but he supposed it hadn’t been fair of him to let the people suffer.

“Okie dookie, I’ll raise the Sun, but only because of you people, not The God of Blight–err–Night.”

Immediately, there sounded a terrible, dark voice, “Oh, sure, Jimmy, that’s so like you; blaming me, when I’m not the one withholding sunlight simply because I’m a little hot under the collar.”

Jimmy immediately started to make a biting reply, but then thought of the poor people, who depended on his sunlight for everything from light to see what the heck they were doing, to heat to keep their tushies warm, and decided that people wanted them to work together to solve problems, not squabble like little children (his dad said the same thing about today’s politics, but Jimmy was just ten years old, and didn’t have a clue about grown-up things. No, to him, ‘children’ meant anyone younger than eight!), and decided to just let it go. “Can’t we come to some sort of compromise?”

“Compromise; with you? Not a chance; I’m going to impose my will on everyone, because I’m so much smarter than you, and my way is the right way.”

So every day, Jimmy had to undo what The God of Night had caused, namely darkness and chilly temperatures. Granted, the God of Axis Rotation had an impact, but mostly it was Jimmy, God of The Sun, and Other Things.

The sound of a racing fire engine brought Jimmy back to reality. Oh boy, a fire! Immediately forgotten was mythology; this was real.

‘“Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, look the center ring; that’s the one in the middle,’
Jimmy was daydreaming a couple of days later. Today, his daydream was about the circus. He didn’t have to worry about money restraint; if he wanted a huge circus, he could have one, after all, it was HIS daydream.
‘“and enjoy the show!”
A giant cannon was wheeled out to the center of the ring. A women wearing tights slid into the barrel.
Jimmy wasn’t sure what should happen next. He thought, and thought, and then he had it.
A hush fell over those watching; what would happen to the woman? Surely, they weren’t going to fire her out of the cannon? Then, with a flourish (was that the right word?), the ringmaster (again, Jimmy wasn’t certain if that was the right term) stepped forward with a torch, and lowered it towards a fuse on the cannon. The audience gasped, and covered their eyes. They didn’t want to see what was about to happen. The ringmaster (?) touched the glowing torch to the fuse, and after a couple of seconds, there came a terrific bang, and the woman flew out of the cannon, higher and higher into the air. Surely she’d come back down soon. But she kept on streaking higher, until she burst through the tent, and disappeared into the gathering dusk.

“Jimmy, wash up, lunch.”
His mom’s voice snapped Jimmy out of his daydream. Lunch!
Jimmy was stuffed with the potato chips and cola. He returned to his room and his circus daydream:
The crowd shrieked. Surely (could he say ‘surely’ any more?) the woman was gone. None of them had seen anything so amazing, or terrifying. As their stunned eyes began to return down to the spotlight shining on the bottom of the center ring, there came a ripping noise from the top of the tent, and the woman burst back through the fabric, and…
Jimmy couldn’t think of a way for the woman to land safely, so he ended his daydream right there, sort of up in the air. Ah, ha, ha, up in the air?

Jimmy was thinking back to a boring day in Mrs. Westerhouse’s 4th grade classroom. He had been bored out of his mind, as usual:

The time after lunch and before the end of the school day passed so slowly, sometimes he was sure there was something wrong with the clock: every time he looked at it, it was almost exactly the same. Of course, staring at it constantly didn’t help. Today, they were watching a grainy, faded film of astronauts landing on the moon. Jimmy loved anything about space! He thought it must have been way cool to be among the first. Jimmy thought ‘now if it was Mars, THAT would be way cooler!’ Suddenly, Jimmy was in a rocket, orbiting Mars; and looking to land a lander on the surface. He would be the first human being to step on the surface of that alien world:

Commander Jimmy was ready; he took one last look around the interior of The Martian Lander. He could really feel the isolation as the sole astronaut. Ordinarily, there would be at least two fellow astronauts, but, because of the incredible cost of sending a manned mission all the way out here, Jimmy was the only one; to keep costs low, the government had decided they didn’t want to pay for more than one astronaut. And so, he stepped through the door, onto the alien soil of Mars, alone. It was being beamed live back to Earth, but because of the time delay, by the time anyone saw the picture, whatever was going to happen will have already taken place. Therefore, he felt all alone. He could sink over his head, never to be seen again, and no one would be aware of the tragic fate of Commander Jimmy for many minutes. But he didn’t sink, the red dust of the soil flying up, and up, around his foot. He gazed around at the Martian surface, and planted a weighted U. S. flag into the strange soil of Mars. Suddenly, there was a laser blast at his feet, and Jimmy had to do The Moonwalk, backing away and trying to see from where the laser blast originated. There, from behind that strange-looking rock formation! Wait a minute, the rock formation suddenly stood, and moved menacingly towards him. Why, that was no rock formation, that was a Martian! Funny, but you always heard people talk about ‘Little Green Men,’ when in reality, they were neither little, nor green. They blended in perfectly with the terrain–that must be why scientists had completely missed them, and had declared the planet lifeless. Well, lifeless was almost on top of him, bent on making him lifeless. He made a mad dash for the Lander. Apparently, Martians had one Achilles heel, or the Martian equivalent, they were lumbering aliens, meaning they were very slow, and Commander Jimmy made it back inside, fumbled for his Lander keys; the Lander rumbled to life, and roared away from the surface. Jimmy caught a glimpse of the Rock/Martian throwing down his laser in disgust, before the outside camera quit broadcasting images of the surface.’

Commander Jimmy had successfully managed to pilot his rocket back into Mrs. Westerhouse’s 4th grade classroom. He glanced at the big poster of Mars hanging on the wall. Having been there, albeit only in his mind, he’d never go back. Those Rocks/Martians were mean!

Yep, that was one great memory.

Jimmy had enjoyed that daydream so much, he decided to continue it.
As he sat in his elementary school classroom, his mind drifted away from his studies and back, this time it was a trip to the moon instead of Mars because they were watching another old movie about the moon landings; this time, he dreamed about it being him who had been first on the moon. Jimmy was supposed to be taking notes, but he was already on the lunar surface:

‘The orbiter,’ he thought that was the right word, but he wasn’t sure; in his daydream it was, the orbiter settled down into the fine dust of the lunar surface. He would be the very first human being to step on a different planet. Technically, it wasn’t a planet at all, but a moon; the same moon that could be seen on most clear nights from his bedroom window; and now here he was, about the be the first to ever step on the surface of an alien world. He thought back to his journey up to this point:

He hadn’t been trained as an astronaut at all, but was randomly chosen from among thousands of entries of school kids from around the USA, and, much to his surprise, he was chosen to ride along on the voyage.’

Jimmy knew that it would never have happened this way, but darn it, it was his daydream, and if he wanted to go to the moon, this is the way it would happen.

As a student guest-astronaut, he was not supposed to touch anything, or do anything. He was here to observe only, and write up his experience in a book report. He was a little nervous about speaking in front of his entire 4th grade class, but he would cross that bridge when he came to it. Anyway, he was watching like he was supposed to, when lead astronaut Wally Wylie started complaining of not feeling well. As they neared the moon, Wylie’s symptoms only got worse. As he was the only astronaut trained to actually walk on the surface of the moon, things did not appear good for them fulfilling their mission.

“Well, fellas, it looks like I’m going to be too sick to do the landing; I’m sorry, but I guess it’s not going to happen.”

Disappointment and bitter grumbling was the reaction of the other two. To come all this way, only to have the common cold defeat their carefully planned mission? Incredibly, there was no backup plan.The landing would have to be scrubbed.

They had all-but-decided, and were resigned to calling off the landing, when Jimmy, who, up until this point, had remained silent, spoke up,

“Gee, I’d hate to see you come all this way for nothing; I’d be willing to take Astronaut Wylie’s place.”

The three astronauts looked at each other. “Well, Jimmy, it’s against all the rules. Just suppose we were to let you, and I’m not saying we would,” said Astronaut Wylie, “I would hate like heck for something to go wrong down there, and we’d all be in big trouble for allowing you to go; I mean, no training? No, I won’t allow it.”

Astronaut Steve Benton spoke up, “Oh, come on Wylie; we’ve come too far to give it all up now; after all, we’re here; there’s the moon, we wouldn’t have to tell anyone. Nothing’s going to happen; can’t you bend the rules, just this once?”

Wylie thought for a minute, then replied, “Well, maybe just this once. This should be radioed in to Mission Control, but I’m sure they’d say no. I’d hate to let you guys down, so Jimmy, here what you do…”

Jimmy didn’t know anything about how a real lander worked, so he skipped ahead:

Having successfully landed on the Moon, having been given a crash (perhaps not a great word!) course in what to do from Astronaut Wylie, Jimmy prepared to step out the door. His space suit felt awkward, but it was necessary. He flung out the portable ladder, which kicked up a cloud of moon-dust upon hitting the ground,’

Jimmy wasn’t sure about a permanent ladder being already bolted to the spacecraft, so a portable one made sense to him.

and swung himself out the door, until he was now standing on the top rung of the ladder. He worked his way down it, until he was standing on the last rung. This was it, his next step would be on the surface of the moon.

With a many, many people watching on television, Jimmy stepped off the ladder and into history. Imagine, him, Jimmy, standing on the surface of the moon; the very first human to stand somewhere besides Earth. He looked up into the camera mounted on the spacecraft, and said,

“That’s one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind,” Into his headset, Mission Control gave him the bad news.

“This is Mission Control to Astronaut Wylie, (apparently, they couldn’t tell the size difference between a full-grown man, and a 10 year old boy!) we hate to have to tell you this, but your moon landing was preempted by the news that Samantha Sweet and hubby Derek Dancer are expecting!”

Jimmy was crushed; here was the biggest story ever aired by mankind, and it was preempted by the news that a reality show couple were going to have a baby. Unbelievable!


“Earth to Jimmy!”

Jimmy plunged back to Earth, and became aware that the whole class was staring at him. “What, I’m sorry, my mind was somewhere else; could you repeat the question?”

Mrs. Westerhouse glared at him and said, “Apparently, you must have been on the moon, because I’ve been trying to get your attention for the last couple of minutes, but you were somewhere out in space. I was asking you to read chapter twelve from your textbook, “The Moon Landing”, out loud.”

Oh, oh!

Yes, that had sure been embarrassing.


Jimmy was bored, again. So far, summer vacation had been kind of boring. Davy’s family was away on a long vacation. It just wasn’t fair! Outside, where he’d planned on spending a lot of time today, the rain dripped from the eves, and the wind was howling. Dang it; why did this always happen to him? He had been looking forward to summer vacation for months it seemed, and when it finally arrived? Rain; at least today, it just wasn’t fair. Not that the rain would have stopped him, but his mother told him he’d better stay inside. Stupid rain; now what should he do? His mother came into the living room, where Jimmy sat on the couch, kicking his feet out of frustration and boredom, staring out at the dripping fun-killer, and said,

“Jimmy, since it’s pouring rain outside, why don’t you watch a movie or something?”

A movie? Boring! “I don’t know, Mom, that doesn’t sound very fun.”

“Oh, Jimmy, why don’t you watch that movie you rented yesterday; it has to be returned tomorrow.”

Shoot; oh well, he couldn’t think of anything funner. “Okay Mom,” and he rose from the couch, put the DVD of, “King of the Warriors” in the player, and was soon transported to Persia, where he became the leader of a band of ninja warriors:

‘Prince Jimmy scowled at Nedusa, the leader of a rival, evil band of ninja’s, who were intent on taking control of Nefarious, the land surrounding them, as far as the eye could see, in every direction.

“Not today, not any day!” he replied sharply to Nedusa’s demand that Prince Jimmy and his Ninja army step aside, and allow Nedusa and his evil band of Ninja’s into the kingdom of Nefarious to take control, and drew his sword. The rest of the Ninja’s followed suit, and the two rival armies were exchanging first dirty looks, then actual swordplay. Prince Jimmy did a back flip away from Nedusa’s sword thrust, and turned and parried (Jimmy thought that was the right word) Nedusa’s follow up move, their sword clanging together.

The battle raged for what seemed to Jimmy like hours, with both sides quickly struck down by the other, when suddenly Prince Jimmy launched an overwhelming attack, and Nedusa’s sword went spinning out of his hands, and he yelled in a panicky voice,

“Men, this battle is lost; run for your lives!”, and the evil Ninja army threw down their weapons and got right away from there.

All of the kingdom of Nefarious celebrated wildly when they learned of Prince Jimmy’s triumph, and the king of the kingdom touched his sword’s blade on both shoulders of a kneeling Prince Jimmy, and said,

“Prince Jimmy, as the leader of The Ninja Army of Good, and protector of The Kingdom of Nefarious, I think I speak for all Nefariousons, when I say, ‘Good job,’ and I hereby proclaim you Sir Jimmy.”

A mighty cheer rose up from the gathered citizens, and newly named Sir Jimmy, smiled, and let the praise wash over him.’

“Jimmy, Jimmy, it’s no longer raining out, although the wind’s still blowing, so if you’re going to go outside, better put your jacket on.”

He’d barely heard his mom, so lost was he in his Sir Jimmy daydream. He clicked ‘stop’ on the DVD player, put on his coat, and reluctantly left the Kingdom of Nefarious behind.

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