You must be a Pro member (Upgraded) to post your writing which is done here in the Writer’s Office.

How to Create a Post (Follow Instructions Before Creating New Post)

Click on Writer’s office in the main menu and you will see posts already submitted by you (Portfolio) and a link above them that says “Create new Post” click that links to create a new post.

See screenshot below…

create new post tour

That will take you to the editor (Evil Eddy).

Once there, enter your title then the text body.

Changing font size and Colour:

To change the font colour and size is basically the same as any other editor you might use, but I’ve included a screenshot just in case.

See screenshot below… (Sorry about the quality)

Adding images in your Post:

To add an image so that it appears on your post when members are reading it click the “Add Media” button at the top left just above the toolbar and a screen will open giving you the option to select one from your media library or upload from your computer. Select the image and click add to the page.

See screenshot below…

add media button

Note: Make sure to rename your images before uploading. You Image name must be relevant to your post and content.

To add a featured image that appears in the library when members are looking for posts to review, click the “Select Featured Image” button which is below the editing box, next to the tags and categories boxes.

To add a category to your post, click one from the box which is below the editor and it will be added.

See screenshot below…

adding featured images

Saving and Publishing

When you are ready you can save as a draft and keep editing by clicking save and preview, publish or any of the other options located at the very bottom of the page under the featured image and category boxes.

save publish toolbar

Once you click publish your work goes live into the library ready for reviews.

To edit and Revise or Delete your Post after it has been published: 

To edit your posts after it has been published, click on writer’s office in the main menu and you will see a list of your posts (portfolio), click the pencil icon on the left of any of your posts or delete it click the red x. These icons are located at the far left of the post in your portfolio under the little image if you have one.  

See screenshot below…

editing icons tour