Who can be a member of The Writer Site?

Anyone can join us to read and review the work of our authors which can be accessed via the “Library” page. To be able to access “The Writer’s Office,” which is where authors post their writing, you must be an upgraded member. Please keep in mind that at this stage we manually add your writing privileges so there may be a delay of a few hours while we do it but generally it is done within an hour or two.

How do I upgrade my membership?

You can upgrade to either a monthly or yearly plan buy going to the “Upgrade Plans” page and filling out the details. At this stage, we only accept payments via PayPal and manual/bank transfers payments can be arranged via the contact form or live chat, but we will be adding more options in the near future. Please keep in mind that at this stage we manually add your writing privileges so there may be a delay of a few hours while we do it but generally it is done within an hour or two.

To upgrade your membership click here→

How many accounts can my household have?

As many as you want or need. Unlike many other writer’s sites, we at The Writer Site believe that a household may have more than one writer or reader who want to be able to have their writing seen by others or simply spend their time reading and they should have that opportunity.

Social Area

The dashboard is the member’s area where you’ll find all sorts of great features. If you hover your cursor over the different categories in the dashboard menu you’ll see a list of further categories to click on. Please explore the options and get to know your way around. There are answers to some questions in both the FAQ and Lounge, please read these before sending a contact request.

You can see all of your notifications, messages, your own activity and that of your friends, send your friends private messages, edit your profile and much more.

How do I send a friend request?

Go to the “Find Mates” tab in the main menu and scroll through the members and you’ll see a “Send friend request” button, click that and your request will be sent.

How do I write something about myself in my profile?

Go to your profile/edit and scroll down a bit then you will see “Base” in a text box. You can write directly in there. 

How do I change my profile image?

Go to your profile and click edit profile/change profile photo then scroll down a little and you’ll see the upload/select image button, click that.

But, please explore your member’s area because that is the best way to learn your way around.




Can anyone post their writing on The Writer Site?

No, only upgraded members can post their writing on the site. To upgrade your membership, click here→

If I post my writing here do I lose the copyright to it?

No. You retain rights to your own material when you post your work on The Writer Site. You are free to do whatever you like with it, after all, it’s yours. You can, publish it and sell it to others. We don’t get involved in the copyright process in any way, that part is up to you. However, we do have “right click protection,” on the site making it difficult for thieves and plagiarists to copy it. If you think anything untoward may have happened, please contact us via the contact page. Any member found to be in violation of copyright will be immediately banned.

How do I post my work?


Please remember that only upgraded (Pro) members can post.

To post your writing follow these steps.

Click on “Writer’s Office” in the menu.

Click on “Create new post.”

Enter your title.

Click on “Status” which gives you the option to save as private, draft or published. (don’t worry about “pending review” as it’s not necessary)

Enter your text body.

At the top of the editing box, there is a button labelled “Add Media,” this will add an image to your post for when people read it but won’t set the featured image in the Lounge or Writers office when people are searching for what to read, they will just see the title. To add a featured image, do the following…

At the bottom of the editing box, there is the standard button that most writing software has called “Choose File,” click that and it will take you to upload an image which will be displayed in both the Library and Writer’s office when people are looking for what to read.

Choose a category.

Select one of the buttons at the bottom underneath “Actions” and you are done.

To edit or preview your post after it has been published… go to the Writer’s Office and on the left side of your post, under the title, there are little icons, choose the one for the action you wish to perform. Here’s a screenshot.

Please see “How To’s” on the main menu for more instructions and screenshots.

What type of writing can I post?

Poetry, stories, scripts and even book chapters or whatever else you write. Please try to keep it clean and for general audiences.



Why should I write reviews?

Reviews are one of the most important areas of any form of writing for without them we might never know how others view our work. For example, that masterpiece you have just penned may seem that way to you, but an objective eye often picks up on large or even tiny things that we, as writers, often miss. Maybe you have “The dog had two two eyes,” it’s an easy mistake to make and a decent reviewer will pick it up and bring it to your attention so you can make the necessary edits.

Misspelt words, too many adjectives, incorrect meanings of words, sentence structure and many other things can be ironed out in work when giving reviews to your peers and receiving the same in-kind. All the things that cause agents and publishers to toss your hard earned manuscript in the trash can be solved with the right reviews and advice.

Also, the more good, in-depth and comprehensive reviews you write to support other authors, the more respect and good in-depth and comprehensive reviews you will receive. Your name will be “out there” more and in-turn your followers/fan-base will increase.

Should I reply to the comments made on my work?

 Yes, every time. As writers, we all like to see people reading our work, those who take the time to read and write a review of your work should at least be thanked for their effort. If you don’t reply you are unlikely to be reviewed again by that reviewer. Plus, over my reviewing years, I’ve made some great friends and contacts.

Never attack a reviewer who gives a harsh review or one you simply don’t agree with, remember, we all have feelings and opinions. Likewise, remember that we are all individuals and we can’t please everybody. If a reviewer is blatantly nasty or abusive please report them to admin.

How do leave a review and reply to reviews on my work?

To leave a review go to The Library read the piece and make some notes for suggestions to the author. Once you have finished reading and made your notes, at the bottom of the poem or story you’ll see a star rating system, choose the appropriate star (1=Poor, 2=Needs Work, 3=Average, 4=Good, 5=Excellent) rating then scroll down to the comments box, leave your review, including any suggestions from the notes you have made and click submit.

To reply to a review, click on the story or poem in question and scroll down to the comment click the reply button and thank the author and make any comments or ask questions about the suggestions, if necessary.

A Copy of a reasonable review with editing suggestions

(Below is an excerpt from a review written by Walu Feral on a book chapter by Country Ranch Writer. Write your suggestions and comments in brackets. But, feel free to add banter and personal comments in brackets also. Make it your own style as long as it’s helpful to the author.)

G’day mate.

“Man(,) this is too important to lie about.”

“horse in the corral next to me. to me!”(Oops! Take out one “to me.”)

“you must have heard some thing (something) different,”

“They(The) holidays were coming up and they were looking forward to getting their big bonus this year.”

(“)My horse filled me in on what Jake knew and what Amegio had confirmed…(“)

“This green horn (greenhorn) stable bum knows nothing about horses ar(I’m not sure what “ar” is) that they can communicate!”

“I didn’t think anyone would mind if I ate the dam(n) apples!”

“Screw you,(Space)boss man!”

“Jake told everyone with in(within) ear shot. (earshot)”

“Down through the years(,) we never said much to anyone on the”

“when they began talking about how they used to feel (a)bout their own horses.”

“if his horse talked to him and he said,”yep,(Space)if you listen real close you”

With a few edits, it’ll be good.

Cheers Fez

Now, here is what we consider an unhelpful review.

Imagine this is a post right here…

(Reviewer)… Hi there, author

I loved your story. It was very interesting.



Now, that sort of reaction is a statement and not a review. It is great for a Social Media post and the like, but not as a review for a serious, potentially published author.



I’m published, Can I advertise my book here?

Yes, you can. Simply click on the “Advertise your published books” page from the drop-down link and you’ll see some examples of how your book advertisement will look. Then send a message via the contact section with the book cover image, author details, a short description about the book, where it is available and the links to it and we’ll organise it for you. The cost is $8 per book for a one month advert on our site.

What about my books signings and other book-related events?

Again, yes you can. The process is the same as the book advertising section. Please see the above paragraph.



The Writer Site was built as a site to help writers enhance their writing skills, improve the quality of their work and to make a few friends and contacts along the way. It was not built to be a boxing ring, a mud slinging contest site or a place for bullies to hang out, so please act accordingly. Any abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated and the offending members will be banned. Please inform us of any such behaviour via the contact section and we will deal with it.