My Alphie is a vicious thing,
he has this complex … thinks he’s king.
He meets the mailman at the door
then frightens him down to his core.

When Alphie runs him up a tree,
he drops all letters instantly.
Then Alphie stands and stomps his paws.
The mailman grabs his phone to call.

The firemen quickly come from town,
move Alphie off to get him down.
The dog just sits and watches that
’cause he knows Alphie’s just a cat.



© 2019, Barb Henson. All rights reserved.

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Barb Henson
I love to read and swim, even more I love to write poetry. I love challenges and I write to let people know they are not alone in this world they travel in. God is a big part of my life and has been since the day He stopped me from trying to end it.
Alfie and the Mailman

3 thoughts on “Alfie and the Mailman

  • June 10, 2019 at 2:12 am

    We think they are “Only cats”…THEY think they are LIONS! KINGS of their domain! It’s just fortunate they let us sleep in THEIR houses, isn’t it? It’s so funny how our pets quickly take over once they are adopted into the family! I once had a Mini-Schnauzer…big as a minute, that dog…but her bark and growl were enough to strike terror in the heart of humans…the funny thing is, as much as she would strain against her collar–if she DID get loose and charged the “target” mailman, visitor, etc…she would proceed to sniff and lick them to death! Not as tough as she made it seem! Cute poem that I think many can relate to!–Karenina

  • June 5, 2019 at 3:49 pm

    Cute poem. What timing. My cat just came in the door chasing a gargantuan moth. Too late to save him. My cats ain’t chickens. They killing machines! Never could figure what a grown man is afraid of a little kitty cat. Hehe.

  • June 5, 2019 at 8:22 am

    Hahahahaha! G’day, Barb.

    That’s a crack up, mate. I was thinking it was one of mum’s rat-dogs and it was just a pussy cat hahahaha! The darn postman must be a big chicken… Ah, yes, a chicken and a cat! That explains it lol.

    Great job

    Cheers Fez

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