The Writer Site

The place to create, post and read poetry, stories, and even books. We are a family run site and we welcome all members of your family to join us regardless of age or ability. The Writer Site was officially launched in May 2019 and was built by writers for writers (and reviewers).


The Lounge is a place where you can put your feet up and have a chat with other members. It is also the place where you can make suggestions and feature requests to make The Writer Site the best online writer’s forum that the world has ever seen.


As a free member, you can read the posts from our authors in the “Library” and make comments and suggestions with a view to assisting the writer with editing and content by way of constructive criticism. The cost; $0 per month.


As a paid (Pro) member, you can also read and review the work of other members plus you can post your own work, be it poetry, stories or even book chapters. At this stage, we only accept payments via PayPal or manual payments can be arranged if you send us a request via the contact form.

In both The Lounge and the FAQ there are detailed instructions on how to create a post.


As self-published authors, we know how challenging the whole process of writing, formatting, editing and publishing can be for first or even second-time authors to get their work published. The frustration and hoops we are made to jump through by the traditional agents and publishers, plus the time it takes to prepare the manuscript for each of their individual tastes and then wait for their response, which more often than not doesn’t come, makes self-publishing a more attractive scenario for many of us.

Once we are fed up with the hassles involved in traditional publishing and make the decision to get our work into the market in the hope that it sells, by self-publishing, finding free or even cheap help is the next hurdle. It can be very difficult to obtain and a professional editor might charge five-cents per word or even more. On The Writer Site, our aim is to help you achieve those necessary goals, from the writing and editing stages, through to the publishing stage, cheaply and friendly. The more reviews and suggestions a writer gets the less editing they will have to do before submitting their work for possible publication. That is one of the main areas we can help you with, reviews from your peers.

We also understand the cost of advertising a book is out of reach for many of us, so, we offer a cheap place to advertise your books. You can even advertise your events, such as book signings etc. Simply contact me via the contact section to arrange an ad. The cost: $8 per month or a 50% discount for a one-year ad which brings it down to $48 per year. You can view existing advertisements via the “Your Ads” section on the menu.


For a limited time, The Writer Site is offering all members a gift for a little of your hard-earned time. For every five new members that sign up for a Pro membership, with you as their referrer, we will give you 1 month Pro membership for free. In other words, if we get five new members because you sent them here, you’ll get a month for free. If you get us ten new members, you get two free months and so on.

In your profile, which you’ll find under the “Social Area” tab on the main menu, there is your personal referral link, simply click on that to copy it and then paste it into an email or social media site or wherever you and your friends hang out.

Alternatively, below you’ll find a link which will direct people to the home page of our site. To send an invitation copy the link and paste it into the body of an email, a facebook message or wherever else you hang out. Once a person that you refer joins and upgrades, please send us a contact message with the username of the person to ensure we know the referral is from you and we’ll take it from there.

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